You know computers, now consider your CAREER!

If you’ve been a database administrator for a while, you’ve already got a good handle on what you can do technically, and what needs some improvement.  You know your job.

What you haven’t had a lot of time to develop is your career.  Luckily, the DBA Roadmap is the best career advice you’ve never heard.

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Who is it for?

The DBA Roadmap seminar is designed for database folk of all experience levels and interests. The aspiring or junior DBA can start out right, mid-levels can reinvent their careers, and senior admins can wonder that they’d never thought of that themselves!  (Hey, it took two of us talking it over to cover all the bases!)

What’s in it?

The DBA Roadmap contains 7 audio tracks, 2 bonus tracks, and PDF companion guides with summaries and links. Each MP3 track is a standalone unit, which allows you to complete the series in any order, at your own pace.

Track 1: Introduction [0:10]

In the first track we introduce ourselves and give a brief overview of the seminar.

Track 2: How to Study [1:03]

The second segment concerns effective ways to study. Becoming a database administrator doesn’t necessarily require a university degree, but you will need effective study habits.

Track 3: What to Study [0:28]

In this track, we discuss the best learning resources. There are a number of great free and inexpensive websites and webinars, excellent books, and first-rate training courses. You’ll also learn about local, national and international conferences; and what to expect from these.

Track 4: Resumes [1:10]

We have also seen what does and doesn’t work on a DBA’s resume. In the seminar you’ll get a brief review of resume basics, and then database-specific resume recommendations. Included is why you need more than one version of your resume, and tips for specific cases — for example, dealing with gaps in your work experience, resumes for getting your first database job, etc.

Track 5: Job Hunting [1:03]

Finding your first position as a database administrator, without prior experience, can be a tricky proposition. Fortunately, we have a number of time-tested methods to launch your career, as well as solid tips for job hunting and manage recruiters.

Track 6: Interviews [1:08]

Here we take you through interviewing. You’ll learn vital (and universally neglected) interview preparation and skills to ensure that you can get through an interview confidently. The companion guide links to some of our free interviewing tutorials.

Track 7: Conclusion [0:15]

The conclusion contains our final thoughts and advice for the up-and-coming DBA.

It sounds awesome. But…

Let me guess. You’re either thinking, “It seems a little TOO awesome for just $99!” Or, “I don’t know, $99 seems a little bit steep.” 

Why $99? We wanted to make a product with outstanding advice, that’s easily download-able and DRM-free…something we’d be comfortable giving as a full day seminar, if we so chose. We also wanted to make it affordable for new or experienced IT folk.  $99 was the balance we found between “way too cheap to be worthwhile” and “well, training like this is usually in the hundreds of dollars or more”.

Happy customer Marlon Ribunal was kind enough to post his thoughts on the DBA Roadmap:

…I found out it’s exactly what I needed.

For 99 bucks, the seminar is a steal. Listening to 5 hours of solid, meaningful material is like attending a whole day of seminar. Plus, you can play the tracks over and over again, as I have, if you cannot digest the content on one pass.

If this is still too expensive and you’re a student, teacher, military personnel, or have some other plea to make for a discount, write us and ask! We’re pretty nice people.

The DBA Roadmap seminar was designed and taught by experienced SQL Server DBAs – us! We are Sean McCown and Jennifer McCown, a married pair of SQL Server DBAs. We remember very well all the questions we had when we first began pursuing database careers, and we spend a good deal of our time now answering those same questions. This seminar is the best of what we’ve learned in a combined 25 years in the industry.